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2013-2009 publicaciones del equipo: 

1.Perrin S, Cremer J, Faucher O, et al. Correction: HIV Protease Inhibitors Do Not Cause the Accumulation of Prelamin A in PBMCs from Patients Receiving First Line Therapy: The ANRS EP45 "Aging" Study. PLoS One 2013;8.

2. Ozcan D, Derbent M, Seckin D, et al. A collodion baby with facial dysmorphism, limb anomalies, pachygyria and genital hypoplasia: a mild form of Neu-laxova syndrome or a new entity? Ann Dermatol 2013;25:483-8.

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5. Perrin S, Cremer J, Faucher O, et al. HIV protease inhibitors do not cause the accumulation of prelamin A in PBMCs from patients receiving first line therapy: the ANRS EP45 "aging" study. PLoS One 2012;7:e53035.

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7.Kichine E, Roze V, Di Cristofaro J, et al. HSFY genes and the P4 palindrome in the AZFb interval of the human Y chromosome are not required for spermatocyte maturation. Hum Reprod 2012;27:615-24.

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