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Clinical and Basic Research:

Monogenic diabetes (neonatal diabetes, MODY, LMNA-mutation related diabetes), polygenic diabetes (studies on the role of FTO genotype on BMI in polycystic ovary syndrome).

Equipment and facilities: 

We have access to a 200 m2 laboratory that is organized up to the highest standards and divided into separate spaces – genomics (pre-amp and post-amp) and proteomics. We also possess all the equipment necessary for the molecular genetic protocols including Illumina Hi Scan SQ System, which is a powerful platform for microarray and next generation genotyping. We also possess all the equipment needed for sample preparation – a spectrofluorymeter for DNA quantity control, Tape Station for DNA quality control, Hybridization Oven, rockers, water baths, dessicators, centrifuges, mulitsampleres, Hybridization Chambers etc.)

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